The Body mass index (BMI) is the current criterion by which to distinguish ‘healthy’ from ‘unhealthy’ weight—not only in scientific literature but in popular discourse and media as well.

First proposed as the ‘Quetelet Index’ in the 18th century, the formula was renamed as Body Mass Index in 1972. I have been repeatedly questioning the validity of BMI to be used on a single person, and so have many researchers worldwide. In fact, BMI formula was never even designed for individual diagnosis due to complex effects of age and sex in the mathematical determination of the value of the BMI and the poor precision of that value to predict health problems of an individual.

Despite of multiple studies proving the ineffectiveness of BMI for individuals, it is still being used worldwide, and in a lot of cases harming people when they are wrongly being tested on the basis of BMI, for their health. This first of its kind ebook challenges the very notion of using BMI today for various purposes, based on multiple studies, and even presents much better ways to diagnose an individual.

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  1. Overwhelming video…one question???how the blood cholesterol will increase if dietary cholesterol is not affecting the blood cholesterol???

  2. Bilkul sahi topic h or bilkul sahi logic h apka even mera bhi yhi thought h k 115 kg ka ek normal person mota or unhealthy ho sakta h but Phil Heath ka bhi weight bhi 115 rhta h on stage to wo to mota ya unhealthy nhi h .

  3. most awaited video bcoz my bmi is 29 this falls in obese category
    But still i m in good shape i can easily run 5k and lifts heavy weight

  4. sir is it possible
    to gain muscels without gaing fat ?
    mai bulking kr rha hu muscels k sath kafi fat bhi aa rha hai
    iska solution hai koi ??

  5. Sir aap workaout kha karte ho me aapse milna chyahta hu me natural body banana chyahta hu me pehle wreslar tha aab study ki bajese nahi kar sakta wresling aab muze fit body banani hai please aapki tips chyahiye

  6. I'm really sorry to underestimate you when you regarded other fitness coaches foolish….Your study is founded on sound and systematic metaanalysis. I must salute you for your defence service. you seem to be just in 40 s and as you mentioned that you were heavy range body builder. I'm surprised why did you lose your 6 packs. As you mentioned 6 packs as a sign of fitness. Is it seriously so? Recently I got crazy about 6 packs in 41 years and lost 10 kgs although I was around 59 only with 162 cm. I lost my strength to lift 50 kg bench press for 10 reps. Now I can lift only 40 for hardly 5 reps. I got leaner but at the cost of strength. It's due to the craze for 6 packs.

  7. I always felt this way about this formula but somehow i was not able to express it why i felt something missing in it. And when i watched this video it was such a fun experience . Love your attitude when you are like in an aggressive mode when you mention stupid people haha. I don't really know why we still don't have much people here trying to learn and upgrade their knowledge. I stopped following other so called fitness channels . I love your content.
    I am 70 kg now . And i am very much interested in putting on muscle mass upto 14kgs . I know it may sound an unachievable goal but i am dedicated sir . But i lack right guidance. Your leg workout video has been really helpful. I can find workout technique videoes somewhere on the internet but no body is talking about nutrition. Mai dabbe nhi la skta and na hi mera mann h . I want to build a good physique by eating home made food.
    Now i talk about another issue sir . I don't know why but my stomach retains water. I mean to say it doesn't look strong . I don't say i want abs but atleast it should be flat and strong. Please help .
    And i am really looking forward for some videos focusing on helping skinny people build muscles
    Everyone is just talking about fat loss.
    Being skinny is big issue as well. We can't eat much, we always feel full etc. How do we deal with all these issues?
    That's all for now as of now sir .
    Thank you 🌿

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