Superman 64 Returns!! (N64) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

46 thoughts on “Superman 64 Returns!! (N64) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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  2. I just realized that the cartridge has shiny golden nails to reference Nuclear Man’s shiny golden nails

  3. I remember seeing this game when it came out at Hollywood Video, and I immediately grabbed it to rent because I thought this game was going to be amazing. I was so disappointed, and that does not really express my feelings. Then my friends and I would play it to see how far we would get before rage quitting. I never completed a level. In fact I do not think any of us completed a level. We all would just rage quit. It was so incredibly awful.

  4. I love how 11 fuckin' years went by and James just goes "So picking up where we left off last time…" and jumps right in. That's just epic and is something that can only be accomplished by a creator and their audience being truly devoted to one another. Not many people can – successfully, comically, and without a hitch – continue a sort of artistic "Let's Play" after a decade+ long pause.
    Happy 2020 AVGN fans!

  5. I can't believe you managed to complete the whole game, flying through those rings must have drained you out. Where did you get the opening music from?

  6. Its funny because my dad bought me this game for my 6th birthday the year it came out, i still hate superman to this day.

  7. This isnt even funny. Why would you ever subject yourself to this game a second time? Your sanity is at stake. I broke my controller when i rented this game as a 10 yo after about 10 min.

  8. Dude, I have been asking myself for years what that silver robot cartoon thing was and you just mentioned it is The Zeta Project. I remember it!

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