The Art of Self-Defense

Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) just can’t seem to win. Attacked on the street, humiliated at his job and even emasculated by his dog, he joins a local karate dojo led by the enigmatic Sensei (Alessandro Nivola) to learn how to defend himself. In the midst of his training, Casey becomes friendly with a female instructor (Imogen Poots) and soon realizes he is caught in a bizarre world of outcasts, fraternal rituals and hilarious hyper-masculinity.


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19 thoughts on “The Art of Self-Defense

  1. this is total bs couldn't even finish ridiculous weird and the detached for real life view of this film . Any real karate teacher would not act this way. this is the exact opposite of what karate teaches. This truly insulting to anyone who studies real karate. Karate is firstly about self discipline, respecting other, cultivate strength to help other and lastly it is about self-defense, not brutish unnecessary violent. if they just made action comedy about real karate probably would more effective. Also I would like to point out that karate doesn't care about your gender anything else like that if you learn and can apply the lessons karate teaches you will be reward in and out of the dojo. This is the definition of a mcdojo. Well going to stop ranting because it would forever to write about all the thing with this film.

  2. What an interesting twist.. I liked it. I saw this on a plane had to deplane before it was over so I ordered it to see the ending!! I am glad I did. I did not expect this.

  3. I thought it’d be serious but it was hilarious and serious at the same time. Still a really good movie 🍿 🎥 💯👍🏽

  4. The moment when Sensei broke the dudes arm shocked the crap out of me and set the tone for the rest of the film. I ended up actually enjoying this quirky/different kind of movie

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