The FACTS About Type 2 Diabetes, BMI, and Obesity

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40 thoughts on “The FACTS About Type 2 Diabetes, BMI, and Obesity

  1. As a type 1 diabetic diagnosed at age 4 yall mother fuckers who eat your way into this shit are dumb as fuck. Congrats.

  2. I was diagnosed with Type II earlier this year. My BMI was 28, so I was not obese, but I was overweight.

    I went on a diet, and I move around a lot. I lost 35 pounds, and my BMI is now 22. I am in remission, and my 1AC is in fact way now way below pre-diabetes level.

  3. Prognosis for type 2 diabetes is a reduction of 10 YEARS to your life. That's about the same as a regular smoker. Think about that for a second.

    Source: Melmed, Shlomo; Polonsky, Kenneth S.; Larsen, P. Reed; Kronenberg, Henry M., eds. (2011). Williams textbook of endocrinology (12th ed.). Philadelphia: Elsevier/Saunders. pp. 1371–1435. ISBN 978-1-4377-0324-5.

  4. Watching your videos is an inspiration. If I'm feeling down, or considering following my cravings, I watch one of your videos and it gives me the strength to continue.

    I'm not as overweight as some people, but with my meds side effect of weight gain and for my mental stability I've been trying to lose some weight to get closer to my ideal and counter my meds.

    Sorry, this was a super long winded way to say thank you for these videos and not sugar coating the facts. Ever.

  5. I have someone in my family who I am incredibly close too who has type 2 diabetes and refuse to make any lifestyle changes at all. Gets angry with the health service (UK so NHS) when they have to wait for appointments etc refusing to see its because its overstretched with issues like this. There is no effort made at all to help themselves and its so frustrating to watch. Especially as I am losing weight out of sheer fear of what's coming to me if I don't.

  6. During my early 20s I worked at a Walmart while I went to college. As a cashier I was able to see what people would buy as their groceries. I can understand why many buy carb loaded meals as they are more affordable. I am outraged that we see more push for affordable medication for preventable diseases than a push for preventative services.

  7. Generalizations like “if you see someone on diabetic medication eat….” aren’t really helpfully. If a diabetic person is crashing (having a low blood sugar episode) then they need to eat sugar. You have to evaluate the situation and the person. You can’t just make blanket generalizations and claim they apply to every person in every circumstance. It is negligent. Yes, Type 2 diabetics need to manage their diet very carefully, but a blanket approach isn’t helpful either. It is clear that his first hand knowledge of living with diabetes is limited. He can cite incident rates about the population, but he is not an Endocrinologist and some of his statements show off his ignorance.

  8. Former Type 2 and obese person here. I am living proof that most cases of Type 2 are curable by diet changes. It's a shame that prescription meds are the main/first approach to managing it when the root cause is food choices. Ironically, as a pharmacist a lot of my income is funded by prescriptions to manage type 2, hyperlipidemia, coronary artery disease, and other conditions related to insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome.

  9. I manged to lose about 10kg during pregnancy just by not gaining anything and 1 week after birth those 10kg where gone. I didn't actively work for it it just happened because I didn't give in to all my crazy cravings.
    This was so much motivation that I am working on the next 10kg and I got my bmi down from 34 to 30 already.

  10. I’m 66 inches, 210 pounds, and my BMI is about 32%. My genetics make me predisposed to weight about 6% more than average, so taking that into consideration I’m about 31% bmi, and about 45-50 pounds overweight.
    I don’t have diabetes, or prediabetes, I don’t get winded very easily, I eat mostly healthy food, maybe going out to eat twice a month at most,, I don’t have sleep apnea (I took a sleep study), I don’t have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
    I do have some neck pain, which could be from an injury I had when I was younger, but the extra weight definitely isn’t helping.
    I’m was eating 1800 calories a day and wasn’t losing any weight, then was only eating 1,200 and still not losing significant weight (maybe a pound every two weeks). I even bought a food scale so I could measure by weight instead of volume.
    I’m on my way to get my metabolic rate tested so I can find out what diet I really need to be on to get to a better weight, cause if 1,200 wasn’t working something is probably wrong.
    I’m not starting my weight loss when I start having symptoms, I’m starting it now before I get to the point where I have symptoms. I’m starting it now before I have excessive skin because of weight loss, I’m starting it now before I lose years off my life. Because I’m not ignorant and facts don’t hurt my feelings.
    Im not going to put it off. Once I stepped on the scale and saw 200 pounds I began my weight loss plan.
    Don’t wait until something is wrong with you , improve yourself right now. Don’t wait until you have to lose 200 pounds, do it now when you only have to lose 50 or 30 or whatever it is.

  11. My ex husband developed type 2 diabetes at the age of 25, he was 5'8 and 280lbs. I would yell at him for carrying around 2 liters of mountain dew voltage and drinking it out of the bottle. He would drink one of those a day. I went to the gym 5 days a week and tried to get him to come with me but he would refuse, when we found out he had type 2 diabetes, he looked at me and said he wanted me to help him now. I went to his nutrition appointments and cooked all his meals, we got rid of the pop, and he dropped 35lbs before I left him. I ended up seeing him about a year later. He had put all the weight back on and then some and was carrying around his 2 liter of mountain dew voltage. Even though we didnt work out, I hope one day he wakes up and makes the changes he needs to for his health.

  12. My best friends sister doesn't take care of herself like she should. She had a cookie earlier this week, had an extra shot of insulin, and still ended up going to the hospital the next morning with diabetic ketoacidosis. Again. I don't understand how someone would continue to eat like that.

  13. Just (over past 6 month) lowered 12kg and gone from 42" waist to 36" waist.. it's clear that the link is present and I'm now devouring books on the link between LÏHS diets and obesity too.. Having a mix of HFLC Paelio ketogenic along with daily exercise and no snacking has made a huge difference to my life.. even down to every day activities such as putting on socks.. Seeing my stomach reduce in particular makes me think that the veto diet has been utilising visceral fat before subcutaneous fat while the times when I got more intensive at the gym, climbing stairs etc seems to have a greater impact on subcutaneous fat. your videos (along with others such as obesetobeast etc) are huge in the impact to promote motivation when wanting to snack and exercise instead.

  14. The truth about facts is, facts don’t care about feelings! Facts are just that facts……and they don’t change just to spare feelings or suit an internal dialogue…

    Sorry, I found this vid a little late! Lol

  15. Dude, stop worrying about fat people and bashing them. Eating is a lifestyle same as fitness and drugs or religion. Let these people live their lifestyle. Also this guy is slightly overweight. So what!🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. Love your channel, please make a video about “life by Jen” or “ Chantal Marie”. I keep showing Amberlynn she is diabetic, she has dark knuckles, dark neck folds, always hungry, letargic, poor circulation, red spots on her skin, slow healing wounds, thirsty, visceral fat, also her massive roll right where the liver is. She has fatty liver for sure. I wish she could listen to us haters, cause all we do is try to stop her suicide. Love your channel.

  17. So, I am one of the individuals that is contributing to the trillion of dollars spent on diabetes care. And let me tell you…there is nothing I mean absolutely nothing that I accept about this. This fat acceptance movement is killing us. Just like I have been slowly killing myself for the past 10 plus years. Well a change has come. No more. Sir you speak the truth. Please keep speaking it!! Once I am able to gain my victory over my health, I will join you in this fight to help our country reverse this trend.

  18. I wish I could convince my father to get healthy, but he just doesn care. Just over a week ago he had his third heart attack, his first was when he was in his late thirties and he's only 54 now. He claims he want to get healthy but refuses to put effort in, just becuase you exercise for half an hour every day does not mean your making a true effort especially when you eating 2-3 times the amount of food you should be eating. It's not just his fault though my mother enables him with the dinners she makes always carb loaded and full of fat, but he'll won't eat the dinners I make for myself so I don't have to eat all that stuff. At they very least he could lower his portion sizes, he just doesn't care though and I don't know what I can do about it. Sitting down and telling him he's gonna die doesn't work cause he just laughs and says everyone will die and that he'd rather die early eating what he wants than live a long life not eating what he wants. Growing up he always said he was going to die by 50 and now he's just changed that to 60. I don't want my father to die, but I don't know what I can do to get him off this path.

  19. I struggle with binge eating disorder but I'm really working to face it at the moment and I am currently in a healthy weight range (down from obese) but my body fat percentage is still 33% which leaves me at elevated risk for all the things obese people are.

    I have obese and overweight friends. I don't know how to help them. I guess I'll just try to lead by example. It hurts to see them self harm but I would hate to say something that makes them go home and binge more in private.

  20. Meanwhile the Cosmopolitan cover showing Tess Holliday has been nominated for Cover of the Year. What a time to be (fat and still) alive. The angry bald man should invite to vote against it.

  21. So my audio channels are busted and I could listen to the intro without the highs, it sounds mean with that bass, sounds badass. Dare I say, even better.

  22. I am type 1 diabetic diagnosed very late in life, due to a chronic disability. My BMI is average. I have never been overweight, but my pancreas and other organs are breaking down because of my debilitating chronic disease. I’m constantly watching what I eat but exercise becomes a problem. I despise people shaming me for something that is out of control. Enough is enough❣️🇨🇦

  23. Late 2015: I started hitting the gym, using the P90X workout program.
    2015 to mid-2016: No change in diet and eventually diagnosed with pre-diabetes.
    2016 to now: Saved myself from pre-diabetes. Counting calories and no more soda. Follow Athlean X, Scott Herman Fitness, and Buff Dudes for fitness. And EDDF for fitness and VShred roasting.

  24. I was 237 pounds, I've lost 53 pounds so far and looking to reach 165. I now have normal insulin levels and no longer pre diabetic

  25. I am a pharmacist, and even I will admit that Type 2 diabetes is to be treated primarily through dietary changes, not medications. Most cases of Type 2 can be cured by diet changes.

  26. I totally agree with this guy. But let’s just take a look at this. Food companies have in pet creates some of this along with people food addictions. They make these foods addicting with special chemicals that crate this “want more” attitude. It’s all so they can sell more and profit more. Really disgusting.

  27. Pepsi under writes a lot of diabetes medications.  Mountain Dew is 2 for $5 and diabetes medications are about $400 a month.  Its real people…its a real money maker for big Pharma.  Depression is next and inactive people are depressed.

  28. If the truth hurts you, that generally mean it's on us (who ever is hurt) I love the facts and thank you! I have woken up and want to live longer than my parents

  29. I couldn't agree more ! My dr screened me as pre diabetic on 12/19/18 and I'm a nurses aide . I went home and cried and changed my life that day, I'm too young and I see what diabetic people have to go through in the later stages of the disease. Its unfortunate and scary . I joined a gym and cleaned up me eating habits . I'm down 40 lbs and dont ever plan on going back .

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