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Free Full Length Western Movie, Cowboy Film, English: The Revengers is a 1972 Western film written by Wendell Mayes based upon a story by Steven W. Carabatsos. The film was directed by Daniel Mann and stars William Holden and Ernest Borgnine.

When a rancher’s family is massacred by a gang of outlaws, he assembles a mean team of convicts as his posse to pursue the killers.

Director: Daniel Mann
Writers: Wendell Mayes (screenplay), Steven W. Carabatsos (story)
Stars: William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Woody Strode


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Also Known As (AKA):

(original title) The Revengers
Austria Revengers
Brazil Marcados pela Vingança
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Отмъстителите
Canada (English title) The Revengers
Denmark Bisse-banden
Finland Kuolema comancherolle
France La poursuite sauvage
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Oi 7 ekdikites
Hungary Megtorlók
Hungary (alternative title) A bosszúállók
Hungary (TV title) Vadnyugati igazság
Italy La feccia
Mexico Los vengadores
Poland Msciciele
Portugal Os Justiceiros
Romania Răzbunătorii
Spain Los vengadores


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47 thoughts on “The Revengers | WESTERN MOVIE | English | Free Full Length Movie | American Cowboy Film

  1. Who doesn't love Borgnine, the guy's marvelous. His character here, as usual he makes it his own, he doesn't just adopt a persona, he absorbs it and reflects as utterly real in every nuance And what a character, nice top hat! Classic! And I love Holden from way back. Nice surprise twist, near the middle, caught me off guard. Classic '72 rock guitar soundtrack, hah! Lot's of Mexican bad guys! What a trip, thanks eh. These a obscure classics are often better than the more famous flicks.

  2. After the success of The Wild Bunch Hollywood thought they would capitalize on the teaming of William Holden and Ernest Borgnine again. But fell flat without Peckinpah.

  3. In true American spirit Mr. Benedict does not really need to avenge his family massacre. Benedict just needs to needlessly massacre a bunch of non-whites. The "dead-eyed" villain is spared because he is a white American. How true to spare those who masterminded 911 and the 2008 crash. The privileged villain goes to bed with a smile.

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