This New Secret Spot Is Loaded with Big Fish!

41 thoughts on “This New Secret Spot Is Loaded with Big Fish!

  1. נהנה מאוד מין הסרטונים שלך ועוקב אחריך אין את אלופה תמשיכי כך 👍👏🌹♥️

  2. Anyone else thought : "keep that bowl few meters more away from the water so fish won't escape"? 🙂 but seriously we'll done Emma 🙂

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  4. I follow the channel… Beautiful fisherwoman …. Below Brazilian fishing channel in Miranda river, Mato Grosso do Sul / MT –

  5. Hello, how are you! Please I would like to know if the dough ingredients are possible? Thankful and God bless!

  6. Where is the "EXTREMELY HUGE CATFISH" which you have written in the title of the video…Look Emma we like your video because of your simplicity….Don't take help of these type of titles which misleads!..!

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