Transistor Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD PS4] – No Commentary

48 thoughts on “Transistor Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD PS4] – No Commentary

  1. This game is an art by itself. The art style, the music and the overall atmosphere of the game. I love how lonely and melancholic everything seems to be.

  2. At the Empty Set you missed a body in the bottom left corner from where you fought The Young Lady 2.0. Could've gotten a new upgrade……

  3. So basically this game is about a semi-mute chick that picks up a broad sword then goes to town on a bunch of….things? to get her voice back. Am I right?

  4. I find this game REALLY confusing and difficult for some reason? Like, I lose a function every battle and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, or really what I'm even doing? Functions can be weapons but also like… add-ons or something…  I probably just need practice but the combat is so unusual for me, it's discouraging.

  5. It reminds of the first P.E. which I absolutely love. Since ive taken a liking to the music, I can only play this on my surround sound back home.

    Thanks for uploading

  6. It makes me think of Child of Light and how magnificent that was. I wish the industry would make stuff like these two a lot more. It's time for a gaming rebirth.

  7. This game is severly underrated. The graphics are viually stunning and beautiful. Well driven story and aunique fighting and skill development make this an excellent game. Sadly it will be over looked for game of the year because it doesn't have zombie or massive explosions…or half naked women.

  8. The draw – The function system look really creative and fun to brainstorm
    The push away – I have no idea what is going on, and don't like how the protagonist doesn't have a voice.

  9. Im considering this game once I finish with Watchdogs. I want to get this right… Looking at the video the battle consist of assigning abilities to each button, there's no combos, or slash and hack here and when you stop time it's like FFXIII.

  10. This game is FAR far away from be Game of the Year.
    1.-It's very complicated for someone who has not experience in this k. of games.
    2.-The voice inside the transistor is extremely annoying. It says random lines every five secs of the game. I had to mute it. (imagine to have a friend who coments on everything you do in your daily routine)
    3.-It is a very short game. 3 hours aprox.
    4.-The ending is sad. That kind of sad that make you feel disappointed.

    But… I have to say the Soundtrack was AMAZING… stuning vocals of Ashley Barret.  

  11. Awesome game! I just started my let's play. You should do a flourish after every big win lol that's what i do. always good to celebrate! lol Great video!

  12. I don't understand why people are saying the combat system sucks… It looks amazing and is definitely not something you see everyday.

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