Tribalism, LDL Cholesterol, and All Cause Mortality – Nuance Isn’t Just For Low Carbers

I discuss a recent article on Low Carb and tribalism, NHANES data revelations, and the importance of connecting with those who disagree with you.


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27 thoughts on “Tribalism, LDL Cholesterol, and All Cause Mortality – Nuance Isn’t Just For Low Carbers

  1. Why is it carnivores and omnivores seem so level-headed and informed, but vegans always seem to by somewhat unhinged? Having said that, sometimes Dave Feldman is kind of vague as to what he is actually saying and what he actually believes.

  2. Something also important is that those with HPA Axis Dysfunction. Actually need a carbs to heal the Pituritary. So Keto in a echo chamber doesn't work. It's gotta be individual based.

  3. As a formal nurse I know the tribe you are up against. Good luck. Most are dismissive of me and even the young in the group have drawn lines in the sand. So sorry to have my eyes open to the lies and deceit which as being going on for a hundred years in the medical community. I thought we were better than that. Remember I said FORMALLY a nurse.

  4. Well, I understand your concerns as myself also! It is honest way of thinking, not tribalism that can lead you into extremism! For instance, I took some good advice from both communities, because of my condition! I don’t judge something on base of an opinions, only on clear facts or evidence if I have them, but in a lot of cases – I don’t! Sometime, I’m walking in the dark confused and disorientated! I price your approach to this matter and I appreciated it well…THANKS! All people’s talk can be sometime look like convincing, but actually could be misleading…

  5. ALL are missing one very important aspect of the Low Carb / Keto diet. That is Blood Sugar/HbA1c or if you like, resultant low hsCRP. If the diet you are on consistently gives you low inflammation then your cholesterol numbers become irrelevant they can present no CV risk. You probably need to look at ACM with cholesterol figures in conjunction with something like hsCRP. Because if somebody has high CRP on a keto diet (for other reasons, or cheating) then cholesterol becomes an issue does it not? So we see many people die from CVD who don't have high cholesterol numbers, buy having any cholesterol numbers with elevated inflammation may be the critical formula of risk. NOW I can relate that over more than 12 months keto my HbA1c has fallen to 5.0, HDL/Trigs 2:1 AND my hsCRP on 4 occasions during that time…all less than 0.50 …i.e. negligible. So the entire benefit of the Keto diet may just boil down to its creation of low inflammation. There is probably data out their on CV deaths, cholesterol and relative inflammatory markers.

  6. I don’t understand why you continue to talk about all cause mortality, you can not draw meaningful conclusions about ACM from this data set.
    If you don’t understand that, please study the issue! I know this has been brought up in the past to
    You, your ignoring it at some point will seem intentional.
    None of these studies are powered for all cause mortality, and any conclusions you draw in ACM are meaningless.

  7. I read "The Big Fat Lie" and will never go back. I read "Grain Brain" and will never go back. I will never look at a grocery store the same again lol. The LDL paranoia to me is about as relevant as the brilliant diamond marketing scheme by De Beers in the 40's or 50's. Its a marketing campaign. There is risk in all we do. Everything you say is in the "Big Fat Lie". So I totally see what you are saying. Thank you. You were missed!

  8. Great talk. The "cholesterol causes heart disease " tribe is the the worst. When I told my doctor I stopped taking my statin medication and tried to get special lab work done she told me I was nuts and wouldn't do the special blood work because it wasn't "standard of care" and didn't want to loose her license. I tried to get her email so I could forward your videos to her but she declined. Surviving on social security I'm forced to go blind and just continue Keto and intermittent fasting. Thanks for your inspirational work .

  9. Thank you, Dave, for your efforts to lift the debate to where it should be – comparing evidence from studies and observations. I think it may be impossible to ever have a "knock out punch " from either side of the argument, and that might not be a bad thing. Argumentation can lead to greater focus, better studies, and increased knowledge over time. I greatly admire your contributions in this field and wish to thank you for what you do.

  10. The authors of the paper made a classic move. It seems that they didn't have any arguments to present against the LCHF community so they merely threw out the accusation of divisiveness.  It seems clear to me that the LCHF community already has been giving the LDL-is-a-risk theory with all the respect that it is due.The slide at 6:25 (the excerpt from the paper) sounds like it implicitly accepts the old concerns about saturated fat.—————————————————————The paper Feldman is discussing here just looks to me like another pronouncement from conventional scientists who haven't read the literature. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm perpetuating the discord. The LCHF people didn't start it.

  11. Some are easily butt hurt. Moreover, instead of interest, they respond by trying to lashing out because otherwise their world would come crumbling down.
    The article is weak, poorly written and uncouth. And is not worthy of a response from you or anyone else.

  12. what is lacking today is folks are quick to defend their territory & sadly, most of the studies leave out exercise, body fat percentages, smoking history, and possible fatty liver disease. I cannot say if fatty liver preceeds type 2 diabetes & metabolic disease but its highly likely folks have both NAFLD & T2DM….Go DAVE! Keep up your awesome case study collections & your youtube is very PROFESSIONAL!

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