TX6 Android 9 4K TV BOX updates firmware options Review Unboxing Setup

The TX6 Smart TV Box with ALICE UX is a powerful box to use with a TV or monitor.
AmLogic exdroid board Arm Cortex-A53

I will list here the times of different sections of the video.
OS: Android 9 with Alice UX 7:50

How to Set the 4K Resolution 3:55
Google updates 3:00
4k youtube Test 5:49
Bluetooth Connect (move mouse to top a menu appears,)

How to Update : I show three ways the box can do, but on my page I show the software for flashing the device. 8:00
method 1: Move mouse to top of screen, drag menu open and click settings icon.
go to system, then system update. Android version

method 2: go to apps and select the Blue Arrow icon, then online update.

Method 3: go to apps and select AddonUpdate , settings open chose about, then device preferences, then About, then system update, then select file (browse for an .img file.) double click to load.

Hardware Technical Specifications Test 6:58
CPU and GPU Version 7:14
OS: Android 9 with Alice UX Firmware 20190613


2019 HEVC h.265 Firmware 20190613

source: https://dragonquest-10.com/

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7 thoughts on “TX6 Android 9 4K TV BOX updates firmware options Review Unboxing Setup

  1. Waste Product bought in Amazon but stopped working in two weeks now no power Seller is not responding for warranty so please dont buy this Android TV Box Go for ACT or Airtel

  2. After the cleaner I used Virus Cleaner, apart from wanting to enable itself in real time, no threats where found.

  3. I have now used 360 Security to check the safety.
    It found 2.81 GB junk files and warned of 1 issue found.
    It scanned all the connections and apps. The system vulnerability is what I see often, it's the Fraudulent Messaging Broadcast Vulnerability.
    360 was able to fix that.

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