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21 thoughts on “Ultimate Spider-Man "The Death of Spider-Man" – Complete Story | Comicstorian

  1. I just have two questions here.
    1.) Why does Ben Parker have a ponytail in this?
    2.) Were you….actually crying during the reading of that last part, bruh?

  2. This needs to be the ending to the MCU spider man, and instead of uncle Ben meeting him in the after life should be another Stan Lee cameo

  3. 3…2…1…


  4. It’s was the best read it’s hard to get that kind emotion because when I think of my Dad death Makes me cry or hear a song that my job by Conway Twitty makes me sad to cry

  5. “I couldn’t save them, uncle Ben or tony, bu-but I saved-d you aunt May” and he walks with tony and Ben in heaven. This is how spidey should go out in the mcu, he should die in a movie adaptation of the ending of this comic and it should be when he is 27/28 in the movies. After more avengers movies, a fantastic four film, and he should die in his 6th spidey movie. Tom will be like 30 something but that’s 10 mcu years. And also, you could replace him with miles. He also should get a Disney + origin show to show how important uncle Ben is so there’s a payoff to that line when he dies.

  6. So why did they never continue on from here. I dont really care about miles but I'd LOVE to hear the story adapted to figure out how Peter comes back and if he gets a happy ending

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