Walkthrough: Plants VS Zombies Level 4-4

45 thoughts on “Walkthrough: Plants VS Zombies Level 4-4

  1. Dude ya know I'm really mad to the fact that I can't fvckin beat this level and now Imma try your way. Gotta back after try this.


  2. I generally rely on the fan flower xD but thats cuz I'm weird, and I got stuck on this level, so now Im copying you for the fog levels /only/. 😛

  3. considering that the shrooms give out sun like the sunflower during the day, and the sunflower gives it half as often, I thought it be obvious… that, and the fact it is mega cheep :3

  4. if it weren't for you i wouldn't have passed this already! thank you so much! and i've been wondering how to get catails so yay! you are the best! you earned yourself another subscriber!

  5. 4:39
    Fog:Yo Sun-shroom,I need to tell you something
    Blover's head:It could be something embarresing about me!
    Blover:DIE FOG
    Sun-shroom:WTF BLOVER!

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